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I’m Nellie and I love soooo many things but my most favourite are my beautiful kids, super awesome husband, laughing lots and the amazing smell of rain!

Also I’m a huge karate nut and currently a brown belt….Woochaaa (come on did you make the noise too?) Ninja in the making here…hahaha I wish!

Living in Cairns since I was 1 and a professional photographer for over 15 years now, my specialities are in home newborns, babies and sitters but also enjoy
capturing all of the milestones of children and pregnancy. I absolutely love what I do!

My why comes directly from my kids…I want them to have cherished images of our family, so that they have fantastic memories that they can then pass down to their children and so on. So offering the same to you makes my day! Images evoke such powerful memories and feelings because after all, images are all that we have to look back on of our existence. So it’s super important to capture these fleeting moments of life, before they are just faded distant memories.

With a few points of difference (which is pretty cool)…Number 1 is offering you the convenient option of photographing your baby in the comfort of your own home (or a friend/family members home), where everything needed is brought to you.  By doing it this way, it results in a more relaxed photo session and it saves you the stress of having to leave your house. I know firsthand how tiring and stressful those first few weeks of being a new parent is. Therefore having a fully vaccinated professional come to you can make it much easier. My second point of difference is I prefer natural, neutral and organic. Why? I want to focus solely on your child and you without have distracting colours or props that will eventually go out of fashion. (Do you remember the 1980’s…eeeeeeeek).

So if you think we mesh and you’d like me to be a little part of your life’s journey, I’d love to hear from you!


baby photography cairnsThis image was only from 5 years ago…Oh I miss them being this little

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