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My heart exploded with so much affection for Hamish at his sitter session. By goodness he has grown so much and his personality is pure gold and it easily rubs off on you. I can see nothing but pure wonder, excitement and joy behind those smiling eyes. Hamish was my last session before temporarily closing the doors on my business for a while.

It was a bitter sweet moment for us all at the session, but was such a fitting way to end with a smile on my face.

Hoping you are all staying safe and not being driven crazy by the kids yet!
We’ve been doing lots of walks, artwork, building and dabbling in a bit of school work too. Never in my lifetime did I think I would be homeschooling my children (although they think it’s the best thing since sliced bread). But the constant “Mum what can I do now” (even though we have a schedule, which they are whipping through at lightning speed) is starting to wear thin.

Stay safe and virtual hugs