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family photographer in cairns at stoneys creek

Family love and connection

It took us four attempts at this session but we FINALLY got there. Cairns’ weather has been so hit and miss lately that whenever we scheduled this session no doubt the rain gods would come a knocking and we’d have to move the session. I was doing my go away rain dance today (even though I adore rain) just to get the session done. 🙂 Michael, Tamara and their very soon to be 2 year old daughter Lola first came to me when Lola was just 2 weeks old. Boy has she grown into a gorgeous little girl (even though she was a super adorable newborn too).

So glad we finally got there guys!!!

newborn imagery in cairns with beautiful 10 day old girl

You stole our heart the minute we saw you
And you’ll have our hearts forever

Isn’t baby Sophia just the most adorable baby ever! She tested me today and had us in fits of laughter because you can’t actually see it in this photo (clever camera angles) but Sophia had done quite a doozy of a number two in the wrap and seemed as content as ever still. She wasn’t a fan of sleep at the start, even though we could tell she was so very tired and fighting it. But we got there in the end and she gave me loads of washing to do. Which reminds me…I should go and hang it all up.

Have a smashing weekend everyone

professional triplet photography in cairns

The best things come in three

These three boys were eagerly awaited by quite a lot of people and I and was so honoured to photograph these little guys. Two are identical and one fraternal. Nixon, Benji & Lennie (L-R) were beyond amazing to work with. The session was very calm, relaxed and with lots of hands makes light work. These boys were so cuddly and sleepy and just chilled to the max that we flew through their session, smashed out family and sibling photos and even had big sis helping me as well. It’s the first time that I have photographed triplets and I was a little nervous but at the same time too excited to be photographing something completely out of my comfort zone. I went with the “winging” it tagline and did just that. These guys exceeded my expectations and my goodness we have made some unforgettable memories for this fabulous family.

triplet boys as newborns lying in a nest
triplets boys with their two older siblings

baby bailey cairns newborn photographer

Bailey was one heck of an awesome baby to work with. She slept like an angel, went in to every pose I put her in and even pooped on Mum & Dad during their photos together. Her big brother Noah was exactly the same as a newborn (apart from the pooping that is). LOL

I love when newborns are photographed simplistically like this, because it shows off the baby’s natural beauty. There’s no distracting props or colours. Newborns are perfect just as they are.

9 month baby photographer in cairns with an organic simple style

9 months of total cuteness overload

Liam here is now 9 months old and is one cheeky little fellow. He was all smiles and giggles when Mum was playing around with him but the moment we put him down he decided it wasn’t as awesome as I told him it would be LOL. But it’s surprising when you think you don’t get much during the session, all you need is that split second and BAM you’ve got that cheeky little smile.

infant photographer in cairns with gorgeous 3 week old baby boy

Second shoot of 2020 and I’m loving photographing all the diverse range of newborns I deal with on a daily basis. Lincoln here is 3 weeks old and was one alert little fellow. We had to laugh because he loves sleeping in the car and when we needed to reschedule his session due to him not feeling the love, as soon as he left and got in the car he was completely out like a light for 4 hours. LOL But he makes up for it in sheer cuteness overload.

newborn photographer in cairns who comes to me

Being a big sister is one of the most rewarding gifts

Big sister Millie here is completely head over heels for her new baby sister Summer. And I can completely see why. Summer is super cute and such a chilled out baby. She started her session wide awake and completely calm, then had a feed and didn’t look like she was going to go back to sleep. But after some coaxing she gave in and we smashed out the rest of her session. Best kind of session there is.

stunning newborn baby photography session in cairns

What a way to come back from a 3 day break over Christmas than with Winter’s newborn session. I hope you are all rested and enjoyed Christmas Day…..My goodness though little Winter here is a snuggly sleepy bug. She didn’t wake for her whole session and was happy to be put in every pose I put her in. She was just so chilled and calm. I love working with babies like this because not only does it make my job easier, but I know that the baby is happy to just chillax out for me.

Tomorrow I’ve got a family shoot in Stoney’s creek (fingers crossed for good weather) and then a new years eve newborn session to wrap up 2019!

A year in the life of Nellie Ireland Photography for 2019

This year has been quite a whirlwind of a year and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Over 120 sessions this year with the majority of them being newborns. Can’t get enough of my newborns (as you can see from below). Some newborns in the last few days sadly couldn’t make it on here and I’ve got a few more sessions in 2019 to go still.

It’s been a full on year and I have loved every bit of it. There haven’t been a heap of changes, apart from getting rid of USB’s to instant download (no more waiting for the snail mail to come) and refining my craft. But mostly it’s been just plain crazy busy. I’ve had so much support from the Cairns community that I am truly speechless and so humbled to have photographed so many beautiful newborns, sitters and families this year.

Each and every one of you help me keep my business thriving and also help put food on the table in Casa De Ireland. Without you I couldn’t create so many happy memories of a time that is so fleeting and just too short lived.

I have run my business for 1-0 years now and it’s come in leaps and bounds. When I first started out I would photograph everything from weddings, baptisms, families and even funerals. But soon started to realise that my true passion is newborns and babies. So I niche’d into this market and haven’t looked back. Granted 10 years ago I was using heaps of colour, terrible posing, the light wasn’t all that great and was using super gaudy huge headbands that literally swallowed up baby. I cringe looking back at it now, but without all of that I wouldn’t be where I am today so I am super thankful.

I’ve since simplified my style to a more organic, pure and timeless approach with not much colour, props and just starting to focus just solely on baby. After all the baby is the star of the show aren’t they!!!!

Wishing you all an amazing Christmas tomorrow and a very happy and relaxing New Years for 2019. I hope that 2020 brings you lots of love, laughter and light.


newborn photography in cairns

When two hands suddenly become three and life will never be the same…
It will be better and so much adventure is yet to come

6 week old Logan came to visit me this morning and I had such a wonderful time at his session. He wasn’t overly sleepy, but had amazing eye contact and was super uber cute.

I’ve got a few days off over the Christmas period and planning on spending it with loved ones. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas too.