What are the advantages/differences of an in home newborn & baby session over a studio? Convenience and peace of mind that not only yourself but also your baby will be less stressed during the session, resulting in a more relaxed session. You also don’t need to leave the house by me coming to you or even have a clean house for that matter as only a small space is needed and the results are the exact same as that of a studio.

Why does a newborn session take so long? Up to 3 hours may seem excessive but it is to accommodate for feeding breaks, settling and posing. It is my utmost priority that your session not be rushed or overwhelming.

When is the best time to book a newborn session? It is highly recommended that you book in whilst still pregnant, as only a limited amount of bookings are available each month. However, it’s never too late to inquire about a session, as I try my hardest to accommodate last minute bookings.

Are family photos & sibling set ups included in your sessions? Oh my goodness YES. These are the MOST important part of the session and are included at no additional charge. Grandparents are even encouraged to come and join in too!

If my baby is older than 3 weeks old, is it still worth booking a session? Absolutely. Your baby should be captured at any stage of their life, regardless of their age. Babies that are older are more limited in some poses, awake for longer periods and harder to settle. However, images captured of older babies are just as beautiful as that of babies under 3 weeks of age.

Do you supply props for the session? Everything is supplied for you from blankets, rugs, wraps etc. You are more than welcome to include any special items in the session (this applies to newborn & sitter sessions). Maternity sessions are kept very relaxed and informal with no props needed to keep it true to real life.

Do you supply maternity clothing for the maternity session? My style of photography is very natural and true to life and prefer my clients to feel comfortable in their own clothes. I will help guide with clothing choices.

Are you vaccinated and take hygiene into consideration? Yes I regularly keep up to date with vaccinations. It is very important that your photographer be vaccinated, as your newborn is too young to be vaccinated themselves. Everything is also washed before each session to ensure a high level of cleanliness.

What is the difference in products you offer compared to a cheaper print/product store? Products that I source are from like minded professionals in the photographic industry who passionately offer high quality products and take pride in their work. They are not a commodity that prints in bulk.

My baby’s skin is scratched, flaky or spotty. Should I postpone the session? Majority of newborns don’t have perfect skin. Each baby photographed gets artistically enhanced to remove any blemishes to ensure nice even skin tones. So no keep the session date (unless they are unwell).

What happens if someone is sick before a session or it rains? If anyone in the household is sick on the day of the session please call to reschedule. If you try to keep the appointment, I will most likely request that you reschedule, as sick or uncomfortable children do not like to be photographed and I know that you will not love your portraits nearly as much. Plus I want you to have a great experience with me. If it rains, we reschedule the session to another suitable date at no cost. This is to ensure the best possible outcome for photos.

What are your payment options? direct deposit, Paypal (surcharge applies), cash or flexible payment plans.

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