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I’m not going to bang on about Covid-19 because we’ve all been bombarded with it lately, however I did want to put my clients minds at ease (particularly those with newborns) about my practices.
I travel to clients homes for sessions and once a session is finished, everything gets washed and cleaned. I also have hand sanitizer with me and always wash my hands prior to the session when handling babies. It is very important to me that my littlest clients health and well-being is paramount. It always has been!
If my clients wish to either reschedule a session to a later date or would prefer to come to my home for the session this is completely fine as well. I know we all have differing variances of fear and worry. I also ask that if a child or adult is unwell prior to the session to reschedule as no-one likes being photographed when they aren’t feeling hunky-dorey right?
So it’s not all doom and gloom guys. We will get through this and see the rainbow at the end of it. Everyone is hurting in some way so make it a bit easier and JUST BREATHE….